Kevati Dal/Arhar Or Tuar Dal mix with Chilka Urad

Dals / LentilsĀ  are an inseperable part of indian meals and a rich and pocket friendly source of nutrition for vegetarians.We do a lot of preprations using different dals available in India .Here I am presenting a simple mix of two widely eaten dals.


Arhar/Tuar dal : 1 cup

Chilka Urad: 1 cup

Tamarind : 1 inch piece

Salt: 1tsp [as per taste]

Water : 4 cups



Garlic [finally chopped] : 8-10 pods

Asafoetida: 1/4 tsp

Cumin Seeds : 1/2 tsp

Dried Chillies : 2-4

Mustard Oil : 1tbsp


Soak both dals for 1 hr . You can skip this step.I do it to decrease the cooking time and also it is said that there are certain suppressed nutrients which gets activated by soaking dal.

In a pressure cooker boil both dals together in 4 cups water along with salt and tamarind. Cook untill you get a long whistle on high flame and then 2 small whistles on medium flame.Once done let the pressure cooker cool and mix dal well with a rounded service spoon or mathani.


After Mixing the dal will look like in picture. Add a little lukewarm water if it is too thick and cook for 2 mins on medium flame.


In a tadka pan heat oil.[I always use mustard oil in this but if you want you can use deshi ghee here].Add asafoetida and immediately add cumin seeds and dried red chillies.Add chopped garlic and cook till garlic turns golden brown


Pour this tadka immediately into the cooked dal and cover.Open the lid after 5 mins and serve with rice or chapati.



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