Kulfe wali Dal / Purslane Leaves mix with Popular Indian Lentils

kulfa7Its been months  I couldn’t spare time to look after this space. However it was always there in my mind and I was  missing it alot. Now I am back and this time not to leave this space untouched for long and keep posting my favorite nutritious and easy to cook recipes.So today I am sharing a nutrient packed dish which is  made by mixing  green kulfa leaves with moong and tur dal. Sounds interesting !!! Here it goes….


Kulfa Leaves  250gm

Tur Dal  1/2 cup

Chilka Moong 1/2 cup

Water 2 cups

Salt 1 tsp / as per taste


Asafoetida  A pinch

Chopped Garlic  10 pods

Cumin Seeds 1/4 tsp

Chopped Green Chilies  3-4

Dried Red Chili  1

Mustard Oil 1 tbsp



Wash the leaves thoroughly so as to remove all dirt and chop roughly. Wash both the lentils as well

kulfa8 kulfa2

In a pressure cooker take both lentils kulfa & water  & add salt to it. Cook on a high flame untill your pressure cooker whistles for the first time . Reduce the flame to sim and cook untill your pressure cooker whistles twice. Switch the gas off let the pressure go off and open the cooker. The mix will look like in the picture.

kulfa4Now thorughly mix this with the help of kalchul / mathani . Add little lukewarm water if it is too thick.

Heat mustard oil in a tadka pan add asfoetida and immediately add cumin seeds , chopped garlic and chillies  and dry red chilli so as avoid asfoetida to burn. Cook on a low flame. As soon as the garlic turn brown pour this tadka over the dal  mix and cover with the lid immediately. This way you can avoid any splutter coming out and also this retains the smell of tadka in dal.


Serve hot with rice or roti.


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