My name is Tanu Nigam. This is my first time in a blog.I had no clue where to start with but thanks to the technology today which helped me knowing the insides of blog writing and make my way through it.I chose to start a food blog because I had to start cooking for my family in my teens only & at that time I knew nothing about it.In my teens internet was not a utility for every household. So  I  used to check recepies in magzines or cookery books.But all i could find there is recepies using some or the other special ingredient which are probably not available at our homes all the time.Moreover on a daily basis we do not eat very rich lunch or dinner consisting of food items that have creams,almonds or cashews etc in it.  So to find simple and easy ways of everyday cooking with only those ingredients which are usually available at home  i use to call friends and relatives to find out how can I cook a certain dal , sabzi or paratha.But thanks  to the internet today one click and you could find 100 ways of cooking a particular food.Still I am daring to start this blog to share my ways of everyday cooking along with the learnings which I have had in all these years. In my blog I will emphasize on keeping the methods simple , using ingredients that are usually available at home and food that can be cooked with less oil or zero oil.
So people wish me luck !!!.Watch out this space for your daily veg and non-veg cooking & do definitely give your feedback.Your suggestions and queries are more then welcome!! .


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